January 20, 2007 1:18 PM

Apron Power! And the winner is. . . .

First Place!
"Love the vintage pattern. Very cute!"

Second Place

"Love the matching aprons!"

"pink, pregnant, perfect!"

"I see a visible closeness and joy in this Mommy and Daughter."

Third Place


"I’m partial to toile and honesty!"

Fourth Place

The ever expanding belly swabbing everything on the counter just made me giggle. :) Precious."

"I ADORE that happy face & pregnant belly! I wish it was me (praying for my own #2)"

Fifth Place

"Love this blueberry apron-very cute."

"I liked this the best- you can almost smell those blueberry muffins"

"She is a sweetheart, and she wears aprons every day and needs more!"

"Valerie looks radiant even while pregnant with the sixth. Must be all those antioxidants from the blueberries!"

Sixth Place


"This picture is precious!"
"Look at that satisfied smile as she holds her pie aloft!"

Seventh Place

"This is so neat to see how everyone has their “role” in the family. And they look so happy in their aprons! Each different, each unique, each having their own place in the role of the family. I am so encouraged!!"

"Edwardian apron? Now that’s wonderful!"

"I love the multi-generational aprons in this picture."

"I really like her full coverage apron!"

Eighth Place

"How special that her daughter made that apron for her. And even more so that she is being taught to sew by her grandmother. That is such a sweet blessing. My grandmother taught me to sew and cross-stitch and she is now teaching my oldest daughter to cross-stitch. What an heirloom!"

Ninth Place

"Moms never quit answering questions. I appreciate the DIY directions."

Tenth Place

"This one is so different-love the "differentness" of it."


"I really like this apron; it is simply feminine!"

"I have been blessed to “know” Maggie through her website and recipes since I was a new bride. Her long white apron is as old-fashioned and hard-working as the woman who wears it.
How can you not vote for the Grandma of the apron movement?"

While the Apron Power! contest was meant to delight and entertain, I hope it also reminded us to think more highly of ourselves and our calling.

Here are a few comments I received:

"Thanks for doing this. Your contest actually inspired me to ask for an apron for Christmas. My girls got aprons to match and we've made so many fun memories over the holidays in our matching aprons. They put them on as soon as we start working in the kitchen and sometimes even have to remind me to put mine on!"


"What a great idea to have an apron contest! It was so much fun seeing all the women in their "uniforms." I have to say that I was most captivated by the pregnant moms! I just loved seeing those babies pushing Mom's apron out there. It reminded me of the "good ol' days" when I was pregnant. My last "baby" is now 14. "I also like the aprons that were frilly and totally useless -- the laces with the tea drinker! I think those aprons used to be called "hostess aprons" used for serving the coffee or tea at a wedding or fancy occasion. "Fun Contest!"

~Jody Courtney

"Ooooh, this was way harder than I thought it would be! I was just gonna quickly pick ten by the "appeal" of the photo. Then I got started reading their stories. WOW! I'd only been vaguely interested. I've never worn an apron. Never ever thought about it or thought there was need to. My mother was and "enlightened" mother and never wore aprons either. My maternal grandmother did, though, every day of her life! She was never without it and always had a little wadded up kleenex in the pocket. When she passed I inherited her aprons. My daughters have used them for dress-up, though I have my grandma's daily worn apron hanging on a hook in the back hall. I have never felt compelled to make use of it, until now! Reading all these women's testimonies has convinced me! I am missing something vital in my daily Mommy wardrobe! Now I have to hunt for just the right apron to call my own! Thank you, this was a really neat contest! Now I am gonna spend some time learning more about the apron.

"OH! If anyone watches the Waltons....the women wear lovely aprons! We borrowed a DVD set of Waltons and have been watching them just recently. Because of your contest my interest in aprons is piqued and I noticed the aprons the Walton women were wearing. I told my Dh last night I want an apron like Emily Baldwin (one of the spinster sisters who brews the "recipe"!) LOLOL

"Are you sure they can't all win??? At first I could only find 3 that I wanted to vote for...now there are about 15!!!! {:-x"

- Tara Fettig

"This is such a WONDERFUL idea! I have had your Apron Power button on my website for over a week! I tried to complete an apron to enter in the contest, but was unable to finish it in time. However, when I do complete it I will still send you a picture! :) I can’t wait to make some aprons for my girls as well. I love the idea of women taking back the “role” of housewife and mother. I think it is such a beautiful thing to be called “mom” or “wife” and wearing an apron not only fulfills the purpose of protecting clothing, but it gives us back our femininity too. THANK YOU again!"

Kassandra from Blessed Happy Throng

"This contest has definitely encouraged me to wear my apron more often. I used to only wear my apron when I was grinding flour because I always make a mess. Now I'm trying to remember to wear it whenever I'm in the kitchen. I have a bib style apron that I bought when we lived in England. It's getting kind of old and dingy. I've been looking online for a replacement and I really like the ones at Bella Pamella. They are so cute! I've been talking about all of this with my husband and he has been very encouraging for me to wear my apron. I bought my oldest daughter the one that was posted about the family trying to adopt the girl from China. It's very nice. I can't wait to see who wins!!"
"I love your blog! I've been reading it for a little over a month now. I just had my 8th baby and I read your blog while I'm nursing him (I sit on my bed and use my laptop). I actually found your blog from a link about the apron contest on another blog I read. I love that you are so real. I wasn't saved until I was 29 (I'm 41 now) so I can relate to having a "past" and how I truly became a new creation in Christ. God is so good!!! Have a great day!!" Lisa

Thanks for all your entires, votes and comments! I must say I find it amazing that at least seven of the winners are pregnant!! Connie, as first place winner, wins an apron just like my retro Lucy apron - ironic, since in answer to the clamor for them, she began making them herself. All winners receive a copy of The Mommy Survival Guide - just email me your address!

You can still see all the entries, read their comments, and find their blog addresses by clicking on the album cover below:

Heads up: My next photo contest - which will be tied in with Mother's Day - will be a Mother/Daughter theme. Entries will include a photo - including as many generations as you like - plus a short essay (under 250 words) on what your mother means to you. Your relationship doesn't have to be idyllic and your writing should be REAL!

Formal announcement in a couple weeks!


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Thank you Barbara!!

Posted by: Myfriendconnie | January 20, 2007 3:35 PM

Thanks for this WONDERFUL contest, Barbara. I LOVED seeing the pictures and reading the stories too ... I was just sorry that my schedule didn't allow me to participate.

BUT, I wanted to tell you that I asked my mother-in-law (who is a very gifted seamstress and at 37, I still haven't learned how to sew--although it IS a goal for me) ... I asked her if she would consider making Sophia Grace and me a matching apron set. (Sophie LOVES to cook and bake and "help" with me.)

Not only did my mother in law say yes, she also has patterns from the 1950's (when she was raising her FIVE BOYS--my husband is the youngest of five brothers) and some old/vintage fabric ... so I'm PSYCHED.

All that to say ... THANK YOU! Yet again, you have blessed us all.

With joy,
Tara Barthel

Posted by: Tara Barthel | January 21, 2007 10:25 AM

WOW! some pretty neat aprons. but I have to say I like the first and second ones the best!

Posted by: Emily | January 21, 2007 7:44 PM

The aprons are wonderful. Thanks for sharing all the pictures. I love seeing the different styles. :)

Posted by: Michelle | January 25, 2007 10:39 AM

I love the aprons! If only you could find these designs in the stores!

Posted by: Luigia | February 3, 2007 9:44 AM

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