May 24, 2008 8:06 AM

12 Republicans boost Planned Parenthood profits, diss pregnancy support

From the Family Research Council - I've added the links.

In a nutshell: Our government channels millions of tax dollars to Planned Parenthood - which makes huge profits year after year, even while presenting itself as a nonprofit organization. Meanwhile, pregnancy resource centers staffed by volunteers are turned down for government help. What a twisted world!

Here are 12 GOP leaders who want to write a death sentence to funding any alternatives to Planned Parenthood:


The GOP's Dirty Dozen

May 23, 2008

Yesterday, 12 Republicans, led by Rep. Mark Kirk (Ill.), quietly sent a letter to President Bush asking him to keep the current Title X regulations. The current rules bar pro-life groups from receiving Title X funds and allow groups like Planned Parenthood (PP) to use dollars to help keep their profitable abortion business viable.

The existing Title X policy was put in place by President Clinton, who overturned President Reagan's regulations which protected taxpayer monies by separating the supposedly clean side of PP's business (PAP and breast cancer screening, HIV testing, etc.) from the abortion side.

A large majority of Americans believe that the federal government should not be funding abortionists, yet that is exactly what President Clinton's regulations, which have been maintained by President George W. Bush, do.

If this Dirty Dozen were really serious about protecting the supposedly legitimate side of PP, they would welcome new regulations to protect those efforts.

In light of recent revelations that PP clinics across the nation have been involved in racism, defrauding taxpayers and complicit in the statutory rape of young girls, someone should ask these appeasers of abortion and bad government why they seek to shield potential criminal activity.

If President Bush fails to act, our future President should. These changes are necessary to protect women and to protect PP from itself.

Contact your congressmen if they appear in the following "Dirty Dozen" list and express your disappointment:
Reps. Mark Kirk (Ill.)
Christopher Shays (Conn.)
Kay Granger (Texas)
Jim Ramstad (Minn.)
Charlie Dent (Pa.)
Rodney Frelinghuysen (N.J.)
Ralph Regula (Ohio)
David Hobson (Ohio)
Judy Biggert (Ill.)
Mike Castle (Del.)
Wayne Gilchrest (Md.)
Deborah Pryce (Ohio).


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Thank you for posting this. One of the above is from my district and I have contacted them. Awaiting reply.

Posted by: Sandy | May 25, 2008 6:13 PM

Wow... I had no idea. Thanks for reposting this. What a bunch of reprobates. Looks like almost all of them are from northern states. Interesting.

I've recently posted about Planned Parenthood on my blog too. It just seems like the country is fully accepting of its shenanigans (beyond their obvious intention to destroy life and disrespect motherhood).

I'd almost say that these twelve "men" should be kicked out of the Republican party, except I'm not sure the party has the direction and capability to discern good from evil anymore. It's really quite shameful.

Posted by: Lawrence Salberg | June 11, 2008 5:38 PM

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