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Homosexual propaganda in public schools

By 2002, gay activists had created such a juggernaut in the California public school system that "No Homophobia" signs were as ubiquitous as American flags used to be in California-style public school classrooms. Gay activists were free to pop into public high schools to distribute quizzes asking students in detail about their sexual habits, detailing what many still think of as deviant and/or unhealthy sexual practices. Parents had been effectively robbed of opt-out privileges. Local task forces dominated by gays were pushing pro-homosexual kindergarten curricula.

And anyone who questioned what was going on was labeled a bigot or a homophobe or worse.

It was in response to this craziness that I published this in the Marin Independent Journal 5/20/2002:

Homosexual Groups Use Classic Propaganda Techniques to Gain Ground in Public Schools

I was 16 riding the bus when a middle-aged man sank into the seat next to me. He wasn’t big, but his body took up too much space. I could feel his thigh pressing against mine. I scrunched in closer to the window. I felt it again. I scrunched some more.

I remember the fear that if I made a fuss, it might look like there was something wrong with me, the intimidation that kept me from confronting the situation head-on.

And so I learned that bullying can take many forms.

This seems to be what has happened in Novato, where gay rights activists have marched in under the banner of “safe schools” and “tolerance” stereotyping those with legitimate questions and stifling any reasoned response.

It’s been a year since the Novato controversy erupted with a “diversity committee” â€" of which no one seems to know the exact origin â€" eager to implement a pro-homosexual K-12 curriculum. Still, the battle rages on with the homosexual lobby importing support from San Francisco and for school board meetings and special showings of That’s a Family! to seek support from parents who haven’t yet chosen sides. is aimed at K-6 graders..

That’s a Family! â€" aimed K-6 students â€" uses a backdrop of cheerful music, colors, and graphics to frame a series of vignettes of nontraditional families. There are adopted kids as well as kids growing up with parents of different races, grandparents, single mothers, divorced parents, and finally Two Mommies and Two Daddies. Backers claim it will eliminate “hate speech” and harassment which they claim are rife on elementary school campuses in Novato.

Yet, the insistently upbeat portrayal of these children â€" some of whom discuss difficult circumstances like being taken by grandmothers from drug-addicted mothers â€" seems very dysfunctional, minimalizing the sadness and confusion felt by children powerless over their parents’ choices. The film’s creators claim they want to have every child see their lives reflected back at them. Yet not a single traditional family is in the mix, ignoring tons of scientific research on the devastation caused by divorce and fatherlessness.

In addition to external pressure to implement a pro-homosexual curriculum, the high school Gay Straight Alliance â€" heavily backed by adult gay rights organizations â€" is demanding classroom time to teach things like “Famous Queer People in History” (their title, not mine â€" and conveniently dead, so who’s to say?).

Hard to believe any school board member anywhere would actually consider such a proposal. Yet concerns from parents, teachers, and the curriculum committee â€" as well as parliamentary procedures and school board regulations â€" have been brushed aside in the rush to pacify an ever-more-demanding political group.

To understand the strings by which Novato citizens are being pulled, consider this definition from the Institute for Propaganda Analysis (IPA), an educational organization created in 1937:

...propaganda is opinion expressed for the purpose of influencing
actions of individuals or groups...The propagandist tries to “put something
across,” good or bad. . . [and] seldom wants careful scrutiny and criticism
....The scientist, on the other hand, is always prepared and wants the most
careful scrutiny and criticism of his facts and ideas.

The IPA lists seven basic propaganda devices:

Name-Calling â€" People with questions are labeled “homophobes,” as though they run on fear rather than reason. Spectrum, a gay activist group actively assisting Novato High School students, solicits funds to fight “religious conservatives,” a stereotype which doesn’t fit all their opposition.

Glittering Generalities â€" While Name-Calling leads followers to condemn without thinking, the Glittering Generality manipulates them to approve without examining the evidence. Words like “tolerance” and “diversity” become banners for those who refuse to practice these virtues themselves.

Euphemisms â€" Words and images can make unpleasant realities more palatable â€" as in That’s a Family! It is possible to teach kindness and respect without such inauthentic spin.

Transfer â€" Gay activists have borrowed legitimacy by allying themselves with racial minorities, bypassing careful analysis of some very real distinctions.

Testimonial â€" Think Rosie O’Donnell.

Plain Folks â€" Think the Two-Mommy and Two-Daddy households in That’s A Family who testify to being just like every other family.

Bandwagon â€" Presented with a paradigm of “tolerance”or “homophobia” many jump on the bandwagon without closely examining the real issues or the ramifications for the future.

Propagandists use emotions to push and pull, using fear to steer attention away from real discussion and toward a quick solution â€" the one they want. Spectrum pleads for donations to continue its “life-saving work,” as though only their agenda can prevent gay teen suicide.

I’m not the only one who remains unconvinced that organizations like Spectrum offer the best answers for kids. Camille Paglia â€" a philosophy professor famous for her outspoken lesbianism and her intellectual independence â€" charges that gay activists are using “questionable and overblown” teen suicide statistics to whip up a case for their intrusion into public schools.

She writes, “In most cases, the suicide attempts are probably not due to homophobic persecution but to troubled family relations â€" which may be the source of the social maladjustment and homosexual impulses in the first place. Trumpeting gayness in adolescents short-circuits their psychological inquiry and growth.”

She concludes: “The intrusion of militant gay activism into primary schools does more harm than good by encouraging adolescents to define themselves prematurely as gay, when in fact most teens are wracked by instability, insecurity, and doubt.”

Unfortunately, there’s been no room for such authentic discussion in Novato. For Californians here and elsewhere who’ve been dealing with the same uncomfortable feeling of being bullied on the bus, I submit these seven reasons why.

We moved to Virginia four months after this was published. Since then I've covered similar stuff in Massachusetts. I offer this here because I know it is difficult to rise above the hatred of those who do not want you to have the freedom to express your opinion - but I want to provide some talking points for traditional parents.

Believe me, the gay political machine is working nonstop to polish theirs.

It may be too late for California and Massachusetts to reestablish sanity in their schools - to return to an educational as opposed to a social engineering agenda - but those of you in more traditional states need to be ready to defend your public schools.
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Hello from California! You may be right is saying it might be too late to turn California around. I hope not, but things look bleak.

I had an interesting conversation with a couple of very liberal people last week. Because I'm a Christian, they assumed I am a Jew-hating, gay-hating, cult member. It was fascinating to listen to them! The enemy sure has created an environment of fear. They were afraid of my judgment and condemnation. They were afraid I would try to convert them or make their gay friends uncomfortable. They were afraid of me and my beliefs.

In the midst of the exchange, I believe God revealed the source of their fear: They had been hurt by Christians (or "The Church") somewhere along their lives.

After spending several hours together, I hope they have a different opinion of me. Though I don't agree with liberals, I can be loving and kind and extend the goodness of Christ to them. I can respect them and disagree without beating them over the head with my Bible.

All Christians are missionaries, whether we travel to the ends of the earth or quietly serve as "Ambassadors of Christ" in our own communities.

Barbara, thanks for keeping your readers up-to-date on what is happening in California. As California goes, so goes the country. Be ready. Stand firm. Pray hard!

Posted by: Elizabeth M Thompson | July 18, 2008 4:34 PM

Call me crazy but Sesame Street has a little song incorporated into one of their episodes that "family can be made up of all sorts of people"............I think they show grandparents, aunts, uncles.....I'll take a close look next time.

I am so on the edge sometimes of being tolerant.............theres so much to be said for that I know. What am I gonna do when one of the kids has a friend who has 2 mommies or 2 daddies?

Posted by: Shannon Best | July 19, 2008 10:12 PM

What do you do when a friend has a mommy and daddy who aren't married to each other?

When it comes up, you simply let your child know that not everybody pays attention to what God wants from us, it is between them and God, but like Joshua said, "as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord."

Posted by: Amy K. | July 19, 2008 11:17 PM

As for social engineering, the same could be said about integration several generations ago: introducing different races and ideas to one another was at that time considered the end of civilization as it was known. Today most people cannot see the problem with it.

A few generations from now the same will be true of this: people will say what was the problem with it.

Homosexual propaganda vs. heterosexual propaganda ve. another propaganda...it just depends on how you view things I suppose.

Mant seem to be failing the love thy neighbor as thyself test, or else they really do not love themselves very much.

Posted by: oblivibear | July 21, 2008 11:05 AM

oblivibear -

Again, comparing apples and oranges (you did that last week in your defense of the Blue Ridge Leader).

Black children were not accepted into public schools, restrooms, TV, mainstream entertainment, jobs, etc. - and yes, there was a need for social engineering through the public schools. A generation of kids growing up together would begin the process toward less racism.

However, there is no exclusion of homosexuality in all of the venues I just mentioned. As of today, gays have an astonishing degree of economic and political power. They certainly hold a sympathetic spot in the media - always the wise and compassionate one against the mean and legalistic Christian caricature.

Part of the gay political machine has been to exaggerate their alleged victimization to call for proactive over-the-top remedies - including the indoctrination of preschool and elementary age children.

This is why many people who have no problems with homosexual individuals have a problem with the political faction's juggernaut through the public school system. Since most people cower at their labels of "homophobes" there is very little real discussion. They are the bullies.

I think there will always be people who have a problem with a sexual deviation that involves the body parts involved in homosexual sex. Personally, I think it is pretty obvious that heterosexual sex is based on a life-affirming principle while male homosexual sex is - well, just think about it. While I appreciate their right to do as they choose, and I have no problem with job opportunities and equal pay, there is just no way I think we should be encouraging our children with the nonsense that this is an equal choice. Nor do I think it is the school's role to present them with the mechanics of homosexual sex.

Oblivibear, I see that you are local and read here daily (while on the Loudoun County payroll). I appreciate your attempts to "straighten me out" but you reveal a lot about yourself with your personal jabs at me. I wonder how you might react if I were a Muslim expressing the same views?

I suggest you get these books I suggested on Critical Thinking.

Posted by: barbara | July 21, 2008 11:31 AM

In reading Oblivabear's comments I was reminded of the noted Jewish ethicist, Dennis Prager's recent comments on the subject.

“Those who advocate redefining marriage are saying that every religious and secular tradition is immoral. They have no problem doing this because they believe they are wiser and finer people than all the greatest Jewish, Christian and humanist thinkers who ever lived.

"But as objectionable as hubris is, false comparisons are worse. And there is no comparison between different races and the different genders. There are no inherent racial differences; there are significant differences between the sexes.

"To the extent that racial groups are different, they are only because their cultures differ. But a black man’s nature is not different from that of a white man, an Asian man, an Hispanic man...

"Comparing the prohibition of same-sex marriage to prohibiting interracial marriage is ultimately a way of declaring the moral superiority of proponents of same-sex marriage to proponents of keeping marriage defined as man-woman. And it is a way of avoiding hard issues such as whether we really want all children to grow up thinking it doesn’t matter if they marry a boy or a girl and whether we really want to abolish forever the ideal of husband-wife based family.

"Those who wish to redefine marriage for the first time in Jewish, Christian or secular humanist history may offer any honest arguments they wish. Comparing the prohibition of same-sex marriage to prohibiting interracial marriage is not one of them.”

Posted by: Tripp | July 21, 2008 4:41 PM

There are always those gay activists who trot out the old canard about the gay teen suicide rates. They blame it on the bullying and abuse that gay people suffer at the hands of straight "homophobes".

Data concerning young homosexuals is somewhat unreliable. It appears that about one in three teen aged suicides is by a gay or lesbian. Since homosexuals represent only about 5% of the population, gays and lesbians are greatly over-represented. http://www.religioustolerance.org/sui_fact.htm

This is a troubling statistic, but when you look at San Francisco, that supposedly progressive bastion of gay tolerance, you find:

Another group at a high risk of suicide, some maintain, is gay teens. According to a 1989 report by the Department of Health and Human Services, 30 percent of five hundred gay and lesbian youths interviewed in San Francisco had attempted suicide at least once. Social critics say that the isolation gay teens experience, due to fears of rejection or attempts to conceal their sexual identity, puts them at a serious risk of suicide. Furthermore, notes one government study, gay teens are more likely to engage in the types of behaviors that increase their chances of committing suicide, including drug use and sexual activity. http://www.enotes.com/teens-risk-article

Could it be that the suicide rate is not caused externally by harassment, but internally by an feeling that something is just not right with them, and regardless of societal affirmation a longing to be more normal?

Posted by: Tony | July 24, 2008 1:52 PM

I live in Britain. We're way further down the road to decadence than the USA is. I'm not religious, but I know the difference between right and wrong - and I know that indoctrinating schoolchildren with homosexual propaganda is wrong. Our public education system is institutionally left and, as a result - the vast majority of kids come out of the indoctrination centres with skewed logic and reasoning. Their minds are filled with global warming alarmism, secular progressivism, and liberal socialist philosophies.

I'm no conspiracy theorist but every day that passes I feel like we're headed towards a New World Order.

Posted by: Lawrence | May 13, 2009 4:10 AM

I disprove of any sort of political/religious indoctrination in public schools. I did watch "That's a Family!" and it was ridiculous - and this is coming from a strong gay activist.

I think kids should be taught the truth - they'll feel things, they'll see things and they'll experience things an they need to be prepared for them. Not everything out there is something you'll agree with, but your kids need to know how do deal with different situations in life. Pro-gay, pro-life, whatever, it has no place in schools. Kids need to be taught tolerance regarding diversity, but they don't need to be taught who to like or what to think. This, I think, is the real reason why GSA's exist. To make school safer, regardless of politics.

Posted by: Michael | April 19, 2010 4:15 PM

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