August 4, 2009 6:16 PM

Obama Health Care: White House urging you to report "fishy" email or sites re: health care "reform"

Are we living in Nazi Germany? I kid you not - I had to check to see if this is a viral rumor, but sure enough this is actually on the site:

Facts Are Stubborn Things
Posted by Macon Phillips
August 4, 2009

Opponents of health insurance reform may find the truth a little inconvenient, but as our second president famously said, "facts are stubborn things."

Scary chain emails and videos are starting to percolate on the internet, breathlessly claiming, for example, to "uncover" the truth about the President's health insurance reform positions.

There is a lot of disinformation about health insurance reform out there, spanning from control of personal finances to end of life care. These rumors often travel just below the surface via chain emails or through casual conversation. Since we can't keep track of all of them here at the White House, we're asking for your help. If you get an email or see something on the web about health insurance reform that seems fishy, send it to

The White House is coming undone because Drudge has linked to some very damaging - and honest - videos of Obama touting his plan for a government takeover of health care - and noting that it may come incrementally.

From 2003:

"I happen to be a proponent of a single payer universal health care program. I see no reason why the United States of America, the wealthiest country in the history of the world, spending 14 percent of its Gross National Product on health care cannot provide basic health insurance to everybody. And that's what Jim is talking about when he says everybody in, nobody out. A single payer health care plan, a universal health care plan. And that's what I'd like to see. But as all of you know, we may not get there immediately. Because first we have to take back the White House, we have to take back the Senate, and we have to take back the House."

And here's another from 2007

The White House has seen fit to answer Drudge's evidence on the site, with video clips of Obama soft-pedaling his plan - very much according to the strategy he mentioned way back when.

This is incrementalism, folks - and the Left is famous for it - just as they're notorious for not allowing Democrats to vote their conscience or the will of their constituents, but strong arming them into absolute unity. No matter if the majority of Americans do not want health care "reform" - especially after seeing the Cash for Clunkers debacle and everything else the government touches mushroom into expensive and inefficient bureaucracies.

Incrementalism: When you can't accomplish everything you want right now, back off a little and take what you can. Then when the people are not watching, add in what you didn't get in the first place.

Incrementalism has been around for a long time. Ratting to the government on people who send you "fishy" emails is new to this country.

Big Brother gearing up. I plan to be on the "fishy" list myself.


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This was amazing to me when I first saw it. Sure enough.

At what point does this stop? We're only 6 months into this and look!


Posted by: Jr Deputy Accountant | August 4, 2009 10:29 PM

The thought police are putting on their thinking caps. Better get the first aid kits out. Someone is gonna get a boo-boo.

I was disgusted by that post on the white house site. How dare they say such a thing when we know David Axelrod has hundreds of paid bloggers and comment bots? The Liberal Adventure has turned the White House into the home that Frank Lucas built.

Acorn has rooms; I mean BIG rooms, of people who are paid to sit on the internet and post positive comments, then spread unfavorable information about opponents. In this way they push their agenda and "show" us a "mandate." The truth is, the majority of the USA believes we're headed in the wrong direction.

The same room(s) of Obamabots will lookup the domains of these counter-point sites and publish their home addresses on Huffintheglue or Bullitico. Makes you wonder if the editors of the aforementioned sites goosestep in celebration when they publish personal information of political opponents. I don't know about you but I'm uncomfortable with the internet and staged "townhalls" speaking for me. Now Obama and his Goebbels want to single out Drudge and every other American with a dissenting voice by asking citizen O-bots to file reports. Is he talking to the Civilian Security Force?

Obama foolishly believes his self-powered youtube rating can define his policy. I doubt all this tomfoolery will yield positive results for the American people.

Obama has only himself to thank for an already tarnished legacy of being the worst president in the shortest amount of time.

I propose we, the people, send a picture or link of an American Flag to Obama's

We need to remind them who they work for and what others have died for - the flag which represents our liberties that are very much threatened by liberal social engineering projects.

Posted by: rwfg | August 5, 2009 2:55 AM

Nice little post. I don't like progressives. I don't like universal healthcare. I'm not approving of Obama right now.

Posted by: erikm | August 5, 2009 3:30 AM

you're part of the disinformation and i will happy report you to the white house. thanks!

[I turned myself in this morning :)]

Posted by: maria basile | August 5, 2009 10:05 AM

Hmmm... I bet we could come up with lots of websites to send in that seem "fishy" on healthcare. How about we start with those clips you mentioned on Or Obama's claims that the healthcare plan will be "deficit neutral"?

Posted by: Michelle Potter | August 5, 2009 10:39 AM

There are industry/gop financed groups being sent to town hall meetings with printed directions on how to disrupt them provided by FreedomWatch....and other GOP groups.

There are people telling the elderly they will be killed...

There are people claiming that private insurance will be outlawed...

These and so many more statements are lies or serious distortions of the plan...

It's about time the Whitehouse fights back against all the lies and GOP financed malicious actions.

You all need to watch a few under insured people die of cancer like I have over the last 2 years. Watch them be refused treatment or lose everything paying for it. Watch a wife and 2 kids see their father die in their living room because they couldn't afford a hospice or hospital.

There's a whole lot of money being spent to keep things just the way they are--where a large portion of every dollar spent on health care goes to stock holders, executive pay, over sized administration...

Stop believing the lies

[Hey, Jeff - are you on the ACORN payroll? The GOP doesn't finance any of the completely GRASSROOTS conservative effort represented at the Tea Parties and the Town Halls. In fact, conservatives have rejected GOP overtures to ally themselves with us because we don't trust them either.

No one is telling the elderly they will be killed - that's a lie, Jeff. But they are saying that health care will be rationed, and citing specific pages and passages to prove it.

You are the one relying on talking points provided by your arty rrather than investigating and thinking for yourself. QUESTION AUTHORITY!!!

Hey - you should be in the NICU and ICU as I have been to see completely indigent people receiving the same care as my children - the only difference is they don't pay copays like our family does. The truth is no one is denied health care in this country. The system may need a little tweaking but it does not need to be run by the same government that has ruined our public education system.}

Posted by: jeff | August 5, 2009 10:45 AM

I remember seeing this, also, when it first came out. Fishy emails indeed. Our goal should be to cover all individuals through private health insurance. We need to be advocates for greater transparency in both quality and price information - place both the decision making ability and healthcare dollars in the hands of the consumer. .

Posted by: Maura | August 5, 2009 3:40 PM

ROFLMFAO because if I weren't my spirit would be utterly defeated by now. Let me enlighten you fine folks on the healthcare situation. I was homeless as a teenager because I had parents who didn't want kids to begin with. Dad had already packed up and moved on when I was dumped off on him, but that did not stop mom and step-dad from driving off. So from age 13 to 15 I had to either steal food or dumpster dive (at age 15 I could get a job) and I lived either under an abandoned house in Tampa, FL referred to as "The White House", slept in the hall of a drug house called by we street folk "The Red House" or on the ledge underneath overpasses. We all had to keep rotating location to avoid being arrested for loitering and prowling.

(I was arrested for this once, wrestled to the ground by a hot-shot cop and clamped in cuffs so tightly I was cut...I bear the scar to this day. Please note: My skin color is white as I am Cherokee Scots-Irish mix so the whole racial profiling thing is BS...cops can just be jerks or very nice like the one who took me in and let me sleep at his house with his kids rather than on the sidewalk.)

Point here? When I would get sick with pink eye or bronchitis what have you, I could always go to the county hospital and get treatment. It was first come, first served and insurance had ZERO bearing on the order you were seen. That was contingent on the severity of your problem.

Fastforward to age 20. I had been married for 3 years and became pregnant. We were the working poor so I qualified for Medicaid. I miscarried 7 times and the doctors who actually accepted Medicaid cared less to find out WHY I could not carry a child to term. It was "God's will", commonplace blah, blah, blah.

Three years and a better paying, non-entry level job later: Private insurance, rather than government insurance, allowed me to find a doctor who looked at me as a patient he would want to have on his roles long-term. He looked at my bloodwork and IMMEDIATELY saw that I had miscarried because of a MANAGABLE blood incompatibility! I had three healthy happy children.

Fast forward another 5 years: My Husband and I divorced and I had to get public assistance for 4 months as I was looking for work. On day i fell to the floor thinking my appendix was rupturing. I was carried UNINSURED to the hospital and given first rate emergency care. I was told to follow up with a private physician for continued care as a cyst was found on my ovary--nothing major!

I qualified for medically needy medicaid and went to a medicaid accepting doctor. First thing he did was put me on birth control claiming it would alleviate the cyst.

RED FLAG 1: The cyst continued to grow, so the OBGYN decided I needed surgery to remove the impacted ovary. HE NEVER MENTIONED roller ball therapy which would have eradicated ONLY the problematic cyst.

#2: I was rushed through paperwork being told it was just standard forms and rhetoric so just sign as he had an emergency patient to deal wih and really had to rush (little did I know I should have had an attorney review it first!)

#3: When I woke from surgery, not only was my ovary gone, but so was my right fallopian tube AND MY UTERUS AND CERVIX! His rationale for taking them? My uterus had varicose veins.

"...And besides," he said, "You already have three kids. You don't need anymore." HOW DARE HE MAKE MY REPRODUCTIVE CHOICES FOR ME???

#4: Not only did he take my uterus leaving me unable to have a child with my present husband of 15 years who has NO children of his own, he ripped it through my abdomen rather than transvaginally leaving me disfigured, and suffering from adhesions that periodically rip free sending searing pain through my abdomen to this day.

This poor, financial leach on society, worked her way through college and went on to become a successful Biologist 4 years later, and after a while, branched out on her own to become an entreprenur who even employed other people. Between my husband and I we earned... Let's just say Obama would have been taxing us and we'll leave it there. So yeah. We have been able to afford awesome PRIVATE insurance and have had wonderful health care.

Six years ago, I succumbed to a chronic, debillitating disease and became disabled. I now have Medicare because I am permanently and totally disabled. Fortunately, though we are no longer a six-figure household, we still carry FAIR private insurance which is still BETTER THAN MEDICARE. I pay $112.50 per month for my private insurance and $90 per month for that FREE government MEDICARE insurance plan.

My $112.50 premium has a $2000 deductible and pays 100% doctors visits, 80% Hospital, $5 co-pay on meds. Medicare has a $500 deductible, $0 for meds (wasn't offered to me) And some very complicated co-pay schedule and a lot of things they WILL NOT covere AT ALL (Still $500 vs $2000 sounds better right? NOT! My Meds would cost about $300 per month = about $3600 per year...more than my deductible with my other INS.) My Ins also has DENTAL...Medicare does not. I have not had an eye exam yet so not sure if they cover eye exams.

My Doctors have a tough time getting Ins. companies to pay...but Medicare is the WORST! The reimbursment schedule is unbelievabley low. More than once I have had to pay out of pocket because Medicare denies they owe anything, trying to argue that they are not the primary payer, claiming the provider didn't do the paper work yadda yadda yadda. So I pay until this crap can get straightend out.

The most hassle I get from my private insurer is I have to fill out a report EVERY time (even though I am disabled) ensuring that this is not a worker's comp claim or a claim someone else could be liable to pay. YES! it IS a pain in the ass.

I have had to deal with the "Public Health Care Option" being proposed already. As long as I have a CHOICE I will choose private insurance any day. And if I find myself faced with only a public option...I will see if there is some way the doctor and I can work payment out between us so that I can get PROPER health care...NO MORE BUTCHERS!

P.S. The doctor who butchered me--he did not even carry malpractice insurance, and I am not a suing kind of person anyway. I couldn't have afforded an attorney anyway. I just hope he rots in some personal hell.

Here is your fishy story to report! Prepare the gas and fire up the oven for me Mein Furher. I won't shut up!

Whether UNINSURED or UNDERINSURED, if you have cancer they will let you rot or do the cheapest procedure possible...NOT the one that you NEED! So you will probably need to practice the head between the legs position if you go fo the public option.

If it is all you can get then get it if you must--you may pay for it in other ways than monetary. But if you can afford better GET IT! I would rather fundraise by begging on a street corner than have to soley rely on a public option for my health care ever again after what I have PERSONALLY been through!

I know we truly have NO say in this. The Pro-Single-Payer folk control the government and will do as they wish. Resistance is will be assimilated. So, with my background in biology and botany, I have been educating myself about alternative medicines and triage medicine. My husband is a first responder and plans to do a paramedic course. When there is no longer any choice, I will become my own doctor in as much as I possibly can. Thanks Big Brother!

Seig Heil Comrade,


Posted by: SJ | August 5, 2009 3:58 PM

Nice post.. Got to go just saw my neighbor smoking ..oops my wife is eating a high cholesterol snack..The next step in the President's plan to bring down rising health care costs

Posted by: MegaMan the Madman | August 5, 2009 4:40 PM

Maria Basile and Jeff: Keep talking. You're getting this slow-to-move Mama fired up and ready for action. I haven't posted much on this stuff because I have so much to do at home (and was a little overwhelmed) but now I'm starting to think differently.

Time to do your homework, kiddos. Come to my house and ask me to sign your petition. I'll gladly write something like "this is such a scam." And in big bold letters, too.

You can fool some of the people in this country but you can't fool all of us and we're going to get GOOD AND LOUD!!!

Posted by: Sue from Buffalo | August 5, 2009 4:51 PM

Health care is already rationed. It's one of the basic functions of a market. Any one who has taken Econ 101 will tell you that markets are a method to ration limited resources.

Claiming that a UHC system rations health care is an emotional argument, not a logical or rational one. A rational argument would try to demonstrate why the UHC form of rationing is worse then the free market's form of rationing.

Claiming that the market doesn't ration just shows that one doesn't even understand the economic system that they advocate for.

[Thanks, professor.]

Posted by: Dodson | August 5, 2009 5:13 PM

SJ: Amazing post and amazing story. I hope people are listening.

Posted by: Sue from Buffalo | August 5, 2009 9:51 PM

just as they're notorious for not allowing Democrats to vote their conscience or the will of their constituents, but strong arming them into absolute unity.

Pot calling the Kettle black...

The language on the Whitehouse site says nothing about tracking people's dissenting opinions, it discusses only tracking misinformation about the contents of the plan.

Encouraging people to be honest and factual - on both sides of a debate - is a bad thing?

Without having read the plan, I suspect that I don't actually support it.

But I wouldn't stoop to using lies and scare tactics to gain support for my opposition. Someone who does is as big a con man as any of them.

[Nice try, Kent. You are absolutely wrong about this. Republicans do not do this to the extent of Democrats.

As to your weak defense - can you imagine if the Bush White House called for its supporters to turn in information on dissenting citizens?

This is not a lie or scare tactic. The White House called on citizens to turn in citizens guilty of dissent. That's the truth.

In visiting "fishy" sites like mine to support these intimidation tactics, you're really the con man, Kent.]

Posted by: KentR | August 5, 2009 11:43 PM

SJ: Sorry you've had it so rough. Sounds like your experiences helped forge a mighty impressive and indomitable spirit--quite a legacy! Thanks for sharing.

Dodson: Rationed health care will definitely be more expansive and impactful under the proposed Obamacare bill. Medical resources are already strained with a critical shortage of healthcare providers, especially nurses and physicians -- imagine the consequences of expanding coverage to include another 46 million people!

Jeff: If you want to see Obama's "single payer" health care model in action, just look at Canada's health care and its effects. Just listen to the testimonies of Brits and Canadians who have had to endure long waits (sometime years) for specialized care and life-saving treatments in a government-run and mandated healthcare system. (Check out David Gratzer's web City Journal article "The Ugly Truth About Canadian Health Care"). Many Canadians elect to come to the US for much-needed care, while America looks to the Canadian and British health care model?! Explain that one if you can. Meanwhile, realizing the shortcomings of their government health care systems, the trend in those countries is toward privatization. I know some Brits who confess that their socialized medicine is awful and lament their "Big Brother" government, with cameras on nearly every city street corner. We are truly living in Orwellian times, friends. "Big Brother" Obama, in just a few short months, has nationalized banks and the auto industry, and is now pushing the rapid legislation and implementation of single-payer government-run and mandated health care. Meanwhile, his Admin. uses Chicago mob style tactics and has gone so far as to ask citizens to rat on their neighbors by reporting "fishy" emails, a la Stalin. Students of history will see the parallels and realize the dangers to democracy and threats to a free market economy -- will you?

Posted by: NoLeftTurn from Miami | August 6, 2009 8:11 AM

Of course Dear Leader,
I realize this is for the "good of the American people and we all must share the burden" but what about those tricky little campaign promises? I know, it's inconvienent isn't it? The burden, as you describe it, is what we've been carrying our whole life, the burden of those who choose to let the government (which is us, by the way) take cary of them from cradle to grave and take no responsiblity for themselves. So I guess we already have your health care system. Oh, and by the way, what about illegals, are they going to be sponging off of us as well?

Posted by: wags101 | August 6, 2009 1:35 PM

I personally think there are major faults on both sides of this debate. The whitehouse is using a tactic of you are either with us or against us and the republicans are talking many worst case scenarios with what is proposed but alternate solutions are not getting a lot of exposure.

I don't think anyone really disagrees that some changes to the health care system are necessary. And I don't think anyone wants people to not have insurance. My personal opinion is that what Obama and what we have seen from the house bill is just the wrong way to go about it. I will be the first to admit that I dont know enough about the whole system to make an appropriate suggestion for alternative but there are some smart people up there and I am sure they can figure something out.

What is currently being proposed WILL bankrupt private insurance but it wont be because of some sneaky clause in a bill like some people want to focus on and it may not really be the intent of Obama either but in a capitalist society a private profit dependent entity simply CAN NOT compete with the government. It will happen slowly but it will happen. The public "option" will come out and it will be cheaper and less restrictive than anything else on the market. So either health insurance companies will have to reduce their rates to compete all the while being forced to cover all pre-existing conditions(which I am not against) but will add a major cost to insurance companies and the lowering of their costs will drastically reduce their revenues. Some smaller insurance companies will die almost immediately. The larger ones will be forced to downsize, cutting jobs and slowing down efficiency of processing etc.

The doctors will lose out because they will be forced to accept whatever the government deems fair as payment because how are you going to fight the government? The insurance companies will not be as lucky they will most likely be forced to payout higher amounts for services. It happens already today. Private insurance pays out more for services to medical providers than Medicare and Medicaid do.

Anyway the long and short of it it is after 10-15 years or less the insurance companies will all be gone due to having to worry about profit and competing against the federal government who has no profit worries and just hopes to be deficit neutral but hey if they aren't they will just print more money. Why not? So how does any profit driven company compete against someone who can charge less, have lower cash payments to medical people and have the resources of the entire federal government at their back? The simple answer is, it is not possible and if you think it is go take a business or economics class.

So while some of the media want to say this is all a sinister plot, I don't want to believe that it is. I think people are in a hurry and are rushing into a bad plan where all of the ramifications are not being thought out.

As far as the whitehouse asking for "fishy" emails, I do find it disturbing but at the same time I am in marketing and let me tell you the Obama team are some of the best marketers on the planet and again I want to believe they are just using this as a mechanism to find out what the opposition is saying to improve their messaging and rebut it. Again there COULD be something MUCH more sinister at work but I really just dont believe that we have evil people working in the Whitehouse like so many others do.

So the final thought is just because people dont like what Obama is proposing does not mean we dont want a change and for the people on the left saying that maybe you should listen more closely and for the people on the right using outlandish scare tactics I think you should stop. I think I made a very valid case for why I dont like it and I think it is pretty well backed up by fact. So people against this particular plan should work on disputing it on the facts and not on scare tactics but more importantly offer more solutions because I think a change is necessary just not what is being proposed today.

[Jason - it is the Obama Regime using scare tactics. We are reading the actual bill - which I suggest you do before making any pronouncements about its future ramifications.

I will post a page-by-page analysis this evening. Just in case you happen to come back and are not just an Obama-Bot in sheep's clothing.]

Posted by: Jason | August 6, 2009 5:01 PM

I have read much of the bill and if you read my post I can hardly see how anything I have said would be in support of what he is proposing which I hardly think an Obama-Bot would do. I think people in this country need to be a little less polarized and a little more realistic about things. We are so far apart when in fact I think the majority of people have the same goal. The main point I was trying to make above is that you can destroy this bill on the merits of the facts and you really don't even need to talk about hypothetical. I also don't think the opposition is being very clear. I think if people would stand up and say YES we want change but WE DONT WANT THIS KIND OF CHANGE.

[Jason, lots of us have said that.]

We would get a lot further and completely diffuse Obama's your with us or against us tactic. He keeps spinning it back to those opposed are opposed to health care reform. While that may be true I believe the majority of people are actually in favor of health care reform, just not this brand of it.

I think health care for all is a noble thing and improvements to the escalating costs of health care are a needed thing.

[Jason, what we have right now is actually health care for all. You can see that when you go in the ER and wait for hours while lots of non-English speaking people without insurance receive the same health care you and your kids do - only they don't pay copays. The only people I hear of who ACTUALLY go without health care are on Indian reservations and served by the government system.]

I simply don't believe a single payer system is even remotely the way to go. Now Obama would never call his plan a single payer system but as I said in my previous post you can clearly see how it will become that and lead to all sorts of other avenues for government control. Every single government controlled program is in serious jeopardy. Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, The post office, etc to name but a few so why the hell would I ever want the government to run health care.... I wouldn't.

So regardless of what the democrats are saying that is exactly what will happen. Bigger government and the top 5% of the country financing the majority of it while also putting an increasing squeeze on the middle class. "I will not put any tax increases, not a single dime on those making less than 250K" but now he says I meant any "income taxes" but I will squeeze the hell out of you in every other way I can think of.

So let me be clear. I have the same "perceived" goal of I want to make adjustments to the health care system but I in NO WAY support the current bill or what Obama is proposing.

Hell I wanted to be a doctor but Clinton got into to office right around the time I was choosing my path and all he was talking about was socialized medicine so I changed my path.

So if anything I have said above sounds like an Obama bot I must be one that is extremely broken and WAY off message.

Is it possible that Obama is trying to take over the country, form a dictatorship, ensure democratic control for generations to come, control every facet of the economy etc? Absolutely and the prospect scares me to death. I just don't want to believe that something that sinister is going on. Perhaps I am naive, I would just hope this country did not elect someone so sinister to the highest office.

[Jason, as a former radical leftist, I have to say that I do think that your worst fear is probably true. This has been going on for several generations. Read Witness by Whitaker Chambers]

Posted by: Jason | August 6, 2009 6:08 PM

I do realize that we "technically" have health care for all. That is kind of part of the problem. Imaging being forced to provide a service to someone who has no ability to pay and on top of that have to assume all of the legal liability associated with doing that service. It is no wonder the costs for those of us that do pay year after year are paying more and more and more and why are companies are switching insurance companies on an almost yearly basis.

So that as well as a plethora of other reasons why things need to change. We need tort reform. We need the ability to shop for insurance outside of our state.

My wife is diabetic and just had a bout of Ketoacidosis. She was in the hospital for 3 days. During the time there I saw them run the same test multiple times and run so many other tests that seemed so far over the top. Maybe they did that because she had good insurance or maybe they did it simply because they are so scared of a lawsuit that they do everything they can remotely think of to avoid any potential liability. Either way I think you can see we need something to change. I have yet to see the bill but I will not be surprised that since the 8 mile ambulance ride cost $2300 if the hospital bill is more than $50,000.

As for your last comment. All I can say is I can see it happening but I just really hope you are wrong because if this is the case we might be too late to really do anything about it. 1st health care for all (single payer system). Illegals get health care, then amnesty for the illegals, then more money to ACORN to entrench the democratic need into all of their lives and keep them dependent on the government and then we don't have a chance of ever having a Republican in majority again. From there God only knows where it can go.

[Jason, I think you and I are really on the same page. I think there are some things that need to be fixed about our health care, but I think that the way Obama & Co have approached it is like trying to fix a cavity with a jack hammer. I also think that the Left suffers from an inability to understand and appreciate that all human systems will be flawed and imperfect. They ensnare people by promises to create a perfect system, then blame "the others" for any outcome which is short of perfection.

I appreciate your thoughtful comments..]

Posted by: Jason | August 6, 2009 7:23 PM

When our fore fathers came to this country, they weren't looking for Government jobs or government health care, they were looking for freedom from government oppression and to carve a life on their own. It is not health care reform the right-wing are arguing, it is the language of the bill and the potential harm it will incur to future generations. Why does the federal government believe it has the right to demand anything like this on the people? These questions of government health care and universal health care should be up to the individual states and the people, not the Federal Government (10th Amendment). Apparently people are furious about the plan and they can bus and point the direction to these town halls all they want, but they can't make people feel passionate against the policies. OBAMA has no mandate from the people for this policy. He was elected because of the economy and the war, not health care reform. Once the Federal government takes this step, the states and the people will never be able to go back.

Posted by: Jack Maguires | August 9, 2009 4:00 AM

I've read most of the comments here. Some of them are sad and others inspiring. There is a very interesting situation that is going to arise out of all this that I don't think has been mentioned in here at all. Where are we going to get all these doctors to administer this national health care plan?

If everybody believes they have coverage, you are going to have a very large increase in the number of people that actually go to receive care from a doctor. Doctors, who are already heavily burdened and in great demand, will see their patient base increase exponentially. There is no way around it but to train/hire new doctors.

Now, since the doctors are practically going to be paid by the government in this thing, we can expect that the desire to become a middle-class wage earning doctor will not be very high. Thats where the Muslims come in! Sound random? They are actually very closely connected.

The Koran promotes two professions more than any others. The first is a mass-murdering jihadist. Second to that is a doctor. The Muslim faith puts a lot of value on doctors and so their communities train more than they have need for. Their excess ended up supplying Britain with many of their doctors and the results have not gone well. Many of the sleeper cells that are found throughout the US and Europe are comprised of, you guessed it, Muslim doctors. Just something to think about when the Muslim population dramatically increases here in the US as a result of our need for more doctors.

This is not intended to switch the focus of this blog to Muslims, but it is directly connected to the health care issue. And not every Muslim doctor is an extremist, only about 10%. Don't pick the wrong doctor... or let the government pick one for you for that matter.

Posted by: Michael | August 11, 2009 10:53 AM

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