October 28, 2009 9:33 AM

Obama's Enemies List: U. S. Chamber of Commerce fights back

Heard a fabulous radio ad this morning - the first inspirational note about America I've heard for over a year - by the U. S. Chamber of Commerce. Very positive message about the American spirit and creativity. They are campaigning for the goal of creating 20 million new jobs in the next 10 years. (Wish I had the audio - I will try to find it).

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Sign up at Free Enterprise America - so far 101,972 members strong.

Don't be fooled: while Obama and his motley crew want you to believe that their porkulus stimulus bills will create jobs, it's really American business that will do it - though Obama is definitely doing his best to destroy free enterprise.

Did you know that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce has now joined Fox News, Rush Limbaugh and others on the White House Enemies List? Does it disturb you that Richard Nixon was run out of office for having a an Enemies List but the Uncle TOM (Tired Old Media) seem not to mind the pathetic spectacle of the president of the United States not only criticizing specific individuals and institutions, but urging others to marginalize them too.

What is cool is that the U. S. Chamber of Commerce is fighting back. As U.S. Chamber Executive Vice President Bruce Josten - appearing on Fox News Sunday said of the close relationship the USCC had enjoyed with the White House until the moment they disagreed: "When you;re on their side, it's okay, but when you're not they rain hell on you." (see video at U. S. Chamber of Commerce)

This is so wrong. Obama promised endlessly - and still claims - to listen to the other side, to debate with civility, to be open to other ideas. WHAT A LIE!!! It should be disturbing to even his biggest fans that he instantly attacks anyone who dares to offer data contradicting his naively Utopian vision.

The Wall Street Journal reports:

Business Fights Back His organization under attack by the White House, the president of the Chamber of Commerce stands by his defense of free enterprise.


"One thing I can tell you: They can go out and chase me and chase the Chamber and put stuff in the newspaper. It only . . . drives more and more support. . . . You think we are going to blink because a couple of people are out shooting at us? Tell 'em to put their damn helmets on."

Them's fighting words, all the more so when delivered in the feisty, New York accent of U.S. Chamber of Commerce President Tom Donohue. The 71-year-old was recruited 12 years ago in order to revitalize a drifting business lobby. And the gregarious chief hasn't disappointed: He's grown the Chamber's membership, tripled its budget, transformed its lobby shop, and increasingly thrust it into the political fray. Most recently he's ginned up opposition to union "card check," the Environmental Protection Agency's (EPA) plans to regulate carbon emissions, and parts of the proposed financial overhaul.

The Obama administration's response has been to treat the Chamber like it has Fox News Channel: with brass knuckles. It has launched a campaign to undermine the organization by making CEOs think twice about associating with it. President Obama has openly criticized the Chamber, while adviser Valerie Jarrett has dismissed it as "old school" and acknowledged that the White House is bypassing it to work individually with CEOs.

Read more at the Wall Street Journal


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Hi Barbara,
Double standard is this administrations standard.
Here is a letter I am sending out to a local paper in California. Thought you might like it.
Dear Editor,
I was thinking about the last election when 47.7 percent of Californians voted to be more accepting of non-traditional values and tolerant of the other’s rights. To force one’s personal morality toward private issues has been something that Americans have often dealt with. Now is the opportunity for those 47.7 percent to put into action what they rallied for; turning the standard of “one man for one woman” into a more open minded loving society.
With Texas beginning judicial proceedings and ultimately abolishing the Texas Polygamy Sect, Californians should warmly accept them with open arms. When the Prop 8 issue comes up again, and it will, they can help sway the vote that “one man for one woman” is legalistic and narrow minded.
After all to say they we wouldn’t want them in our neighborhood or to disagree with their lifestyle would be ...hateful.
The battle is on. Thanks for keeping your sword sharp and encouraging others to do the same.

Posted by: marci seither | October 28, 2009 3:49 PM

I'm confused. I know Nixon had an enemies list, but I thought he got run out of office becuase of Watergate and his ties to it. It's one thing to have an enemies list, it's quite another to be involved in a coverup of a break in of your enemy.

I read it on wikipedia again and unless I'm missing something, it confirmed that it was more than just a list that got him into trouble.


[Thanks, Debra for the clarification. I was speaking figuratively. I was 21 and extremely politically active at the time. The Watergate scandal was the straw the broke the camel's back. The press hated Nixon as they hated Bush, and Nixon did not respond with the same equanimity and grace that Bush did. Also, keep in mind that Wikipedia is made up of individual contributions - and can contain spin and even glaring lies - as recently revealed in the case of someone planting racist quotes under Rush Limbaugh that were nowhere to be found anywhere else. The IP address was determined to be one also guilty of smearing Sarah Palin and other conservative figures. Just a word of caution - Wikipedia is not the Encyclopedia Britannica]

But I agree that the list is indeed a scary thing! If Obama doesn't cool it, he's headed down Nixon's path....

Posted by: Debra | October 28, 2009 5:19 PM

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