April 23, 2010 10:42 PM

Apron Power! 2010 Mother's Day contest

After years of never wearing an apron, I became a serious apronista four years ago - at which time I also sponsored the first ever Apron Power! contest.

It began:

After years of never wearing an apron, I am rarely without my I Love Lucy retro apron - one of those from-me-to-me presents I splurged on last Christmas.

Here I am wearing it while making enchiladas on Christmas Eve:


I was 70 pounds heavier then.

Unfortunately, the aprons and the company that made them seem to have disappeared - which I only learned as I was prepared to urge you all to get one for yourselves.[Update: You can still order yours from Connie of Smockity Frocks, who makes exact replicas ]

Shannon from Austin wrote me last week to let me know that on the Sunday Morning Show, Charles Osgood had interviewed a woman who is doing her best to bring back the apron. As I looked up the background, I realized that I had grown to love wearing my apron this year - I put it on whenever I am in the kitchen and it means I am ready for business! My kids and hubby seem to enjoy seeing me in it (lots of warm fuzzies thinking of mom cooking for them) - not to mention how much cleaner my clothes are because of it :)

There is actually an Apron Chronicles exhibit of photos and stories of aprons making its way around the country.

Announcing the Apron Power! Contest

I say it's time to bring back the apron - and I don't mean the unisex cloth chef's apron, but the frilly feminine - even to the point of useless - kind.

Send me a picture of you in your apron and I promise not only to run it, but to send the best ones a copy of my new book The Mommy Survival Guide. Remember, practical is okay (mine is practical because it covers a lot and is made of oilcloth), but the criteria for this contest includes femininity.

Other criteria:
You must be wearing the apron
Context and creativity

Please spread the word! Our last photo contest - Meet Me in the Laundry Room (winners here) - was so much fun!

You can see the 2006 Apron Power! contestants and winners here.

Are you ready for Apron Power II?

With all the yucky national news, let's just take a moment to celebrate our Domestic Goddess side as we begin the countdown to Mother's Day.

With Mother's Day just two weeks away, that means you have to act fast. Send me a photo by May 5.

I will publish photos as I receive them - along with any story or comments you wish to share. Please feel free to be yourself - from side-splittingly funny to ultra-sincere. Your apron image and philosophy should be as individual as you are. What has become apparent to me is that aprons are not only practical, but a symbol of our calling and something which the family responds to with respect - and even awe. I think that's why it's been easy for me to develop the habit of wearing my own.

I will post as I receive them, but also in a Picasa album so you and all your friends can vote May 5- May 8.

Winners announced on Mother's Day May 9.

First place winner to receive a complete set of my 6 still-in-print books.

2nd-5th place winners: autographed copies of Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room

I will be posting more Apron Inspiration in the days ahead. All will be gathered in my Apron Power 2010 archives - you might want to bookmark the spot.)

And be sure to spread the word!


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Oh Barbara, I really need to get a picture taken to send to you...my mother gifted me a couple of years ago with a couple of aprons worn by my great great grandmother. Her daughter wore them, and my grandmother wore them, too. Mom didn't, but I prefer to cook and especially bake with an apron because it just feels right, and unnecessary washing of floured clothing is not fun.

Posted by: Courageous Grace | April 23, 2010 11:52 PM

I took my cue from the church, and my apron changes with the time of year. My dc love both the changes and the repetition, "Yeah! Summer is here, mom has on her sea shell apron!"


Posted by: Katherine | April 24, 2010 11:39 PM

Hey, Barbara,

I thought you might like this article.


Love Samantha

Posted by: Samantha | April 25, 2010 12:55 AM

I am gonna give it a go!

Posted by: Kat Fuller | April 26, 2010 1:01 PM

Hi barbara! I want to send you a picture but have been too sick to have my husband snap one. At what point today does it need to be in by? If I got it submitted later tonight would that be ok? I loved this contest the first time around, it was so fun to see everyone in their apron!

Posted by: tiffany | May 5, 2010 11:14 AM

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