January 14, 2011 8:58 AM

Bill Maher: NRA "Assassin's Lobby" - Loesch rebuts

Bill Maher responds to the Campaigner-in-Chief's call to dial down the volume thus:

Bill Maher On Leno: 'NRA Should Just Change Their Name To 'Assassin's Lobby' (VIDEO)

The Huffington Post   |  Katla McGlynn
First Posted: 01-12-11 11:00 AM   |   Updated: 01-13-11 07:55 AM

Bill Maher was the guest on Tuesday night's "Tonight Show," and the comedic pundit shared some strong words for the National Rifle Association. During the interview, Jay Leno asked for Maher's take on the recent shooting spree in Arizona, prompting him to go off on the pro-gun organization.

Based on his assumption that the NRA will defend their stance on guns in the wake of the tragedy in Tucson, Maher said he was "so tired of the second amendment" and suggested a controversial name change:

"The NRA should just change their name to the 'Assassin's Lobby,'" Maher said before receiving stunned silence and later applause from the audience.

He also suggested that gun owners change their view of firearms, from a hobby or form of defense to a vice or guilty pleasure:

"If you love guns, just admit it -- like it's a vice," Maher said. "It's like alcohol or drugs or sex addiction or gambling... It's not good for you or anyone else, but you like it."

Maher continued to say that "no one needs a gun that shoots 31 rounds" like the one used by Jared Lee Loughner in Arizona, before breaking the tension with a silly dig at Sarah Palin's shooting ability.

See the video - if you don't mind ads - at Huffington Post

Dana Loesch responds with facts rather than bombast:

"For Bill Maher To Call The NRA The Assassin's Lobby Is Deeply Offensive To A Whole Lot Of People"


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Wow, the whole "use words to heal" and hopey changey thing lasted about ...a second.
Don't blink , you might miss an insult.

Posted by: CAROL | January 14, 2011 11:50 AM

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