June 5, 2011 6:54 PM

Obama - hot dogs, hypocrisy and horrible manners

Two days after the unveiling of Michelle's newest 2 million dollar attack on America's eating habits - see USDA Topples Food Pyramid with a Very Expensive Plate - Obama chows down on his favored fare:

What would Michelle say? President Obama wolfs down TWO chili dogs and fries... the day after his wife unveils new dietary guide

By Fiona Roberts

 4th June 2011

When his wife unveiled the USDA's new nutritional plate yesterday, there definitely wasn't a space for chili dogs.

But that didn't stop Barack Obama wolfing down two in Toledo today - with fries and an extra bowl of chili on the side.

The president happily munched on the unhealthy meal before he visited the city's Chrysler factory, and even teased one of his hosts for ordering ketchup, a faux-pas in his home town of Chicago.

Getting stuck in: President Obama wolfs down a chili dog and fries at the famous Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo

Getting stuck in: President Obama wolfs down a chili dog and fries at the famous Rudy's Hot Dog in Toledo

According to USA Today, he told representative Marcy Kaptur: 'Marcy just wants ketchup. By the way, as an aficionado of hot dogs, you shouldn't put ketchup on hot dogs... I'm trying to teach my girls.'

Those culinary lessons would hardly go down well with his wife, Michelle, who has spent this year touring the country on a crusade against childhood obesity.

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Manners, anyone?

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There's something so crude and desperate in his eating style.  Is it because Michelle controls his diet at the White House or what?

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Of anyone, he certainly looks like he could use two chili dogs, with fries and extra chili on the side.

Posted by: Elissa | June 6, 2011 4:48 AM

He's thin but that doesn't speak of good health. If they want to push healthy eating so much, they should lead the way and not look like they're flouting their own rules.

Posted by: Sue from Buffalo | June 6, 2011 7:55 AM

While working in Monroe, we'd occasionally take a long lunch to Rudy's! It's really the best place for hot dogs in the area.

Funny- I'll bet he's on a tofu diet at home...

Posted by: Sarah | June 6, 2011 1:11 PM

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