October 16, 2011 3:53 PM

Obama lavish state dinner for Korea - your $$$

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Don't even get me started on the inappropriateness of our First Lady's costume.  But then again, it's about her and not about the fact that she represents our country. I try my best to ignore her outrageous disregard for manners and protocol, but I find healing at MOTUS, the mirror of the United States, which does a good job pivoting from fashion to insightful political analysis.

What I found excruciating about this event - described by the Chicago Sun-Times as "an opulent East Room extravaganza"- was that it followed on the heels of Obama's official campaign tour - which raised over $70,000,000 million this summer - and his taxpayer-funded campaign tour, in which he did his circuit-preacher thing drummin' up class warfare and droppin' enough g's to send a man to the moon.

You, know, just your plain folks homey boy - so much easier for government dependents to identify with.  And I guess, in a manner of speaking, he is a government dependent, isn't he one himself?

And then his ridiculous and dangerous (can something be ridiculous and dangerous at the same time? Why yes, our president has proved it can) remarks expressing his sympatico feelings for the Occupy Wall Street mob - giving encouragement to radical leftists everywhere - after years of disparaging the right of Tea Party activists to assemble peacefully, even though they are nonviolent, articulate, do not poop and pee and have sex on the street, leave after a few hours to return to family and work, and clean up the premises.

What a hypocrite!  And what dangerous timess we live in when our leaders are not promising security to everyday Americans, but aligning themselves with the forces of destruction.

And is this why Obama Foodarama, the Lifestyles of the Rich and Famous Obamas, 24/7 chronicle of White House glitz and glamor - also paid for with taxpayer dollars - has made itself a private club? 

I mean what if some of these angsty, misguided OSWers were to think for a few minutes about what difference there is between Wall Street fat cats and White House fat cats?  What if they laid seige to the White House as they French peasants laid seige to Versailles?

After all, Roasanne Barr has called for the rich to be beheaded, and mock-ups of a behaeded Goldman Sachs CEO have been spotted in the OSW crowd.  Sharpton is using implied threats of violence to keep his own personal money train rolling.

Better to take hide those State dinners.  Set up more Michelle photo ops at Target.  Roll up the sleeves and drop the g's.

No more vacations until after 2012.  By then Michelle will have quite a long list - payback time for all these months she's had to play it safe.  Well, most of the time.


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Another *forehead slap* moment from this dinner "Obama Honors South Korean President with Japanese Food": http://www.nationalreview.com/the-feed/280099/obama-honors-south-korean-president-japanese-food

Posted by: Rachel | October 17, 2011 12:48 AM

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