February 14, 2012 7:47 AM

Komen's Nancy Brinker: The knives are out

Funny how after enjoying being a darling of the Left for decades, Nancy Brinker - who founded and still heads the Susan G. Komen Foundation - has become a Class A villain. So what good did it do her to go back to the plantation and recant her sin of deciding not to fund abortion profiteer Planned Parenthood any longer?

None at all.

As Tripp said when he sent me this, "The long knives are out." And the Left/Media Complex won't quit until she's completely ground into the dirt and made an example of, you can be sure. No one messes with Planned Parenthood and gets away with it:

Komen Founder Nancy Brinker's Mysterious Expense Report

Nancy Brinker, the powerhouse founder of the embattled Komen Foundation, billed her charity for $133,507 in expenses at a time when she had a full-time job elsewhere. Abigail Pesta and Aram Roston report on how her lavish spending and controversial leadership style alienated some staffers.

Nancy Brinker, a socialite, powerbroker, and former U.S. ambassador to Hungary, has turned Susan G. Komen for the Cure into a cancer-fighting giant over the past three decades. Now, critics say, it may be time for her to go--if she wants to preserve the very charity she built.

The recent crisis over Komen's decision to de-fund--and then re-fund--Planned Parenthood has put Brinker under intense scrutiny, with observers questioning everything from her management style to her earnings to her spending. "It has all become a diversion. It has itself become cancerous," says Eve Ellis, a former board member of Komen in New York City. "Nancy has accomplished so much and provides so many millions in research dollars, but the foundation needs to get back to being strong. For that to happen, she needs to step down."

In interviews with The Daily Beast, a half-dozen former Komen employees who held a range of jobs at the charity in the past five years expressed similar sentiments, saying the foundation has become dominated by its larger-than-life leader. These people strongly acknowledge Brinker's accomplishments, praising her immense skill at raising funds for lifesaving cancer research. At the same time, they describe her as an imposing figure who flies first class, prefers five-star hotels, and generally exhibits an entitled air, which, they say, is at odds with the organization's important mission. Employees don't call her "Nancy," these people say. They are expected to call her "Ambassador Brinker."

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