April 20, 2012 9:17 AM

Dinner w/Obama and Clooney - more money grubbing

Barack-Obama-and-George-Clooney.jpgDon't you hate the way the Obamas have trashed the dignity of the presidency and the White House? The Biggest Loser TV show in the East Room exercising with Michelle on the exquisite carpets?  Michelle on every single kids' TV show and dressing like she wishes her last name was Kardashian (see MOTUS, 6th picture down) ?  Both doing the talk show circuit and having celebrities visit the White House?  Michelle's very obvious cosmetic surgery since she's been in the White House.

The constant campaigning on the tax payer dime - following an "official" visit with the exact same speech at a fundraiser a couple hours later? The constant vacations and parties  (eased up now that the campaign is in full swing - but I shudder to think how over the top they will be if these two self-seeking rip-off artists eek out a second term).  Oh, and the hoops and golf (90 games as of December 27, 2011 - I think he's cut back - again, because of the campaign)

Does Barack ever work?

No one has ever treated the job of President and First Lady as though they were celebrities. Nor with the sense of entitlement to the living-large lifestyle they want to deny everyone else. 

They have brought disgrace to the highest office and to our country.

Every day, I get at least one - sometimes two - emails from Barack, Michelle, or someone else begging for money on their behalf, treating the president like a celebrity by holding a raffle to have dinner with him.  Here's the latest:

Obama - Biden
Barbara --

Want to meet George Clooney and Barack Obama -- at Clooney's house?

He's hosting supporters at his home next month to help build support for this campaign and elect President Obama in November. And he's saving seats for two grassroots supporters like you and their guests. It's just not a chance most people get -- well, ever.

For a chance to hang out with President Obama at George Clooney's house, donate $3 or whatever you can to be automatically entered to win.

George Clooney is doing his part to help re-elect the President, but he also knows that it's folks like you who will decide this election. That's why we're reserving a few spots for grassroots supporters.

If you donate $3 or whatever you can today, you'll be doing your part to support the campaign, and be automatically entered to join them in Los Angeles.

If you ask me, this is far too good to pass up:




Julianna Smoot
Deputy Campaign Manager
Obama for America



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