May 4, 2012 4:04 PM

Chen Guangcheng - political asylum

LifeSite News has been providing the best, most comprehensive coverage of this sad situation, in which the Obama Regime has - as it is always wont to do - sided with the wrong side.

Remember how Michelle never felt proud of her country until Barack ran for president? Well, I never felt ashamed of my country until he won. Every single issue, he is always on the side of our enemies and against our allies:

China: Chen Guangcheng Can Apply to Study in the U.S.

Beijing, China | 5/4/12 8:58 AM

Chinese officials have allowed forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng to apply to leave the country and study abroad at a university in the United States -- in what is the first sign of good news that Chen may escape the persecution he is facing there.

Amnesty International Blasts New Chen Deal, "Ignores His Family"

Beijing, China | 5/4/12 3:01 PM

Amnesty International is condemning a new deal the United States is attempting to arrange with China to allow Chen Guangcheng, the forced abortion opponent, to come to the United States to study as a visiting student.

Woman Who Rescued Chen Guangcheng Released From Custody

Beijing, China | 5/4/12 10:29 AM

Woman Who Rescued Chen Guangcheng Released From Custody

Pro-Life Advocates Arrested at White House Backing Chen Guangcheng

Washington, DC | 5/4/12 1:07 PM

Leading pro-life advocates rallied this morning at the White House for forced abortion opponent Chen Guangcheng, who may be close to heading to the United States if China approves an application for him to study here. At least one pro-life advocate was arrested, with as many as five facing arrest for praying in front of the White House.


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