May 4, 2012 12:37 PM

Michelle - fancier clothes than Ann Romney

Our Fashionable First Lady
Michele Obama wears fancier clothes than Ann Romney.

By Bradley Scott

By now you've probably heard about the alleged scandal over Mrs. Ann Romney wearing a pretty Reed Krakoff blouse for which she allegedly paid $990.

Well, now. If we're going to have wardrobe wars, let's spread the outrage more widely. The very same designer of Ann Romney's "out of touch" blouse just happens to be the designer of a $1,200 bag that Michelle Obama favors. Look at this image, not simply for the tote bag, but for the $2,990 Alaia jacket.

Of course no one had a problem when Michelle Obama wore $540 Lanvin sneakers to a soup kitchen.


Read more - much more, including $5000+ dresses for Michelle.  At least Ann Romney pays for her own clothes.


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Thank you for point out hypocrisy. Frankly, I do not understand why it is bad to be rich. Why do we hold it against people who have acquired tremendous wealth? I do not care what politicians or their wives wear as long as it is appropriate. It seems to me that the media ought to be focusing on issues of more importance than this.

Posted by: Julia | May 4, 2012 4:30 PM

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