June 18, 2012 8:09 PM

Michelle's groupies seethe at Laura Bush award

Liberals are the haters and the bullies. So angry that a woman like Laura Bush - who quietly helped women in Africa without inviting TV crews to record it, who represented - and still represents - the United States with quiet dignity rather than making a constant spectacle of herself, who led by example rather than by bossing everyone around - these feminists are fit to be tied that such a woman would receive an award.

Let's write to thank the Sewall-Belmont House for their courage in awarding someone other than our Narcissists/Dictators-in-Chief MO and BO:

Sewall-Belmont House draws fire for honoring Laura Bush

June 18, 2012 -- 3:28 PM
by Jenny Rogers

Not everyone is happy to see the Sewall-Belmont House, a museum dedicated to advancing women, give its highest honor to former first lady Laura Bush.

Twenty-two women, including former members of the museum's board, have penned a letter to the museum in protest of Bush's selection for the Alice Award, as first reported by the Washington Post. Sonia Pressman Fuentes, co-founder of the National Organization for Women, led the charge.

"When I read that the award was going to be given to Laura Bush, I felt as if I'd had a sudden onset of Alzheimer's," she told Yeas & Nays. "I couldn't believe my eyes."

It's not Bush's political affiliation that she objects to, Fuentes insists. "It's not partisan," she said. "I'm not complaining that she's a Republican. I'm complaining that she's never done anything for women to get this award."

Fuentes adds that she wouldn't give President Obama or the first lady an award either. "Both he and his wife have disappointed me in terms of women's rights," she said.

"Here you have a woman who was a brilliant attorney," Fuentes said of Michelle Obama. "She's just published a book about how to garden."

Read more at The Washington Examiner

Michelle Obama a brilliant attorney? Who said? And a book on gardening obviously written by a ghost writer as another campaign help for her husband - making her seem like the down-to-earth person she obviously isn't?
,br> Laura's real and authentic, not self-seeking or a celebrity wannabe. These Obamanuts remind me of immature groupies who can't stand to see anyone else recognized for a moment. Time for them to grow up.

Go Laura!

6/19 Update: Received this reply from The Sewall-Belmont House in reply to my message of support:

Dear Ms. Curtis,

Thank you so much for your message of support for the Sewall-Belmont House & Museum.  We proudly stand by our selection of Laura Bush for the 2012 Alice Award.  It is our responsibility as an institution that houses and promotes women's history to recognize the impact women leaders have had and will continue to have on history.  The Alice Award builds a bridge between past and present women leaders, enabling us to preserve their legacy for women of the future.  Please feel free to contact me if you have any additional questions.  Thank you again.




A. Page Harrington, Executive Director

Sewall-Belmont House & Museum

144 Constitution Avenue, NE

Washington DC 20002

(202) 546-1210 x 20


Join the historic National Woman's Party


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To me, Laura Bush is what a First Lady should be. I admire her very much. I'll never forget her quiet strength in the days after 9/11. She is an asset to her husband and her country.

Posted by: Chrissy | June 18, 2012 9:12 PM

It's simple: The Left defines "women's issues" as ABORTION, PERIOD. Anybody who believes in an unborn baby's right to life isn't a "real woman" in their view, and must be punished.

They don't care how much Laura Bush has done for the causes of literacy and breast cancer. They're blinded by their narrow ideology.

Posted by: Rachel | June 19, 2012 12:55 PM

Laura Bush was a class act while First Lady and still is. There is no comparison to the current resident of the White House who currently holds that title : all crass, no class.

Posted by: Janna | June 19, 2012 4:10 PM

MrsBush is an outstanding and worthy recipient of this award.
Congrats to fmr FirstLadyLauraBush.

Posted by: srdem65 | June 19, 2012 4:45 PM

This is wonderful and well deserved.

Posted by: foxyladi14 | June 19, 2012 5:04 PM

It would be wise to tune out the disgruntled who take a stand with NO merit.

Congratulations on making a choice that is both wise and well deserved.

Posted by: Annie | June 19, 2012 8:04 PM

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