November 14, 2012 7:44 AM

Barbara Curtis...Her legacy lives on...

In the aftermath of her death, I have been continually amazed at the impact she had on so many lives both in her life and into the future. Her obedience in seeking out the truth in so many matters and sharing it with others is a spiritual lesson to us all. One of the many truths that she taught us with her life is described in the Chinese proverb, "Give a man a fish and you feed him for a day. Teach a man to fish and you feed him for a lifetime."  How many of us through her writing and speaking were challenged to think critically, examine our own motivations, and learned to approach and do things differently?  
Another truth she lived by was from Socrates...."The unexamined life is not worth living for a human being." Because of her honesty and authentic exposition, thousands of you know her true self and us...her family. Our trials and triumphs....the difficulties and the joys....She helped us all to examine our own lives and challenge our mindsets and emotional baggage.  She challenged us by exposing her own weaknesses to examine our own.
Many of you have written to ask me to keep up Mommylife.  I am not Barbara....she was in a million.  But I will try....
Times are difficult right now, figuring out how to manage without her.  Most of our twelve Arrows have left the quiver and God has already released them from our bow toward His target.  But I have the four Boyz that will be with me always. The company I worked for went into dissolution at the end of September, so I have only had piece work since then working for two charities. When a company goes into dissolution or bankruptcy you are not eligible for Cobra...consequently we don't have any medical insurance right now. Barbara also cancelled our life insurance, (to save money) when I lost the job. So...I ask for your prayers to have wisdom and wherewithal to manage the challenges in front of us.
Some of you have experienced the loss of your spouse or someone close to you....It is the most wrenching emotional roller coaster I have ever been in.  It is so bittersweet.  Knowing that she is with God and we are without her.  As Jonny said the other night with his head on my shoulder, "no more Mommy's voice Dad."  She won't be coming down the stairs again to share our morning cup of coffee to wax eloquent on the current political fiasco of the day and begin her blogging for the day.  No more seeing her whimsical smile listening to the radio while she works in the laundry room. No more sharing her concerns and praying together. No more dreaming together of all the trips we were going to take someday, but never did....especially the one to the Holy Land. (sorry Barbara....but you are in the real Jerusalem now!)
We will carry on and I will do my best to keep you abreast of what is happening in Barbara's family's life. I will also try to post things that I think she would have put up as well. In particular pro life and pro family issues.  Please continue to share with this site those things you would like to share.  I will continue to check her email at ....
                          Mine is

                          Barbara Curtis Mommylife Memorial Fund
                          PO Box 682
                          Lovettsville, VA 20180-0682

                        "God's gifts put Man's best dreams to shame."               
                                                                       E.E. Browning
In His grip,
Papa Tripp

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Oh, Tripp, thank you for sharing where you are.

Yes, Barbara's honesty and transparency is what kept me coming back every day (the political and mothers' wisdom ranked high, too!). Some how, it helped give me answers. Having grown up with my own issues, God has shown me over and over people who have overcome and become good examples. just can't sweep "junk" under the rug without knowing that it's still there. I've always been a firm believer that you've got to bring some things to light and Barbara lived that out in front of her audience of readers and allowed us to become her friends along the way.

There is something quite Holy when believers share there trials and triumphs. At the time that you were first having your knee surgery, and then all that ensued, my oldest was preparing for a very major surgery. Our family prayed for you and your famly as you struggled to return to full health and Barbara prayed for my daughter as she healed and experienced miraculous recovery. It was such joy to see you standing tall and walking when we visited this summer!

Thank you for continuing this site. As you said somewhere (comments or a post) there is a lifetime of work here and I am so glad that you want it to carry on.

Thank you, too, for sharing where you are with things--jobs, etc. Barbara had said that your job was uncertain. This tells us how to pray and to look for ways to help meet your needs.

Our family will continue to pray for yours.....for strength, wisdom, rest, for needs to be met, and that you will continue to know and experience joy.


Posted by: von | November 14, 2012 9:55 AM

Thank you for continuing to allow those of us who have fallen in love with your family to continue to keep in touch. As much as we, her readers, miss her, my heart breaks for you and your children - especially your youngest boys. I will continue to keep you in my prayers.

Posted by: chris | November 14, 2012 11:09 AM


Thank you for sharing, and I'd also love to hear how you and the family are doing. I second all the sentiments sent to you. Keeping you and yours in my prayers, too.

Posted by: Karen | November 14, 2012 1:29 PM

I miss her so much... Thinking of you all and praying throughout my day. Thank you SO much for the updates, and for being so real.


Posted by: Lisa | November 14, 2012 3:45 PM

I have been and will keep praying for all of you.I know how hard it is to grieve and how much harder it is to watch your children grieve. I just wish I could help.I am thankful that you are willing to let us keep you in are thoughts and prayer by letting us understand what is going on in your lives.

Posted by: melita | November 14, 2012 4:00 PM

Thank you, Tripp. I can't even imagine what you are going through. I will continually lift your family up in prayer, praying for comfort, direction and provision.

Posted by: Trudy Callan | November 14, 2012 4:07 PM

Where to even begin...I don't know. Your family is in our prayers. Her readers are missing Barbara, certainly, but it cannot compare to what you and your children must feel. Thank you for your willingness to continue the ministry that she has been a blessing to many, as evidenced by all the support and comments you've received. We will continue to pray. Please let your readers know if we can do anything to help.

Blessings to you all,

Posted by: Chrissy | November 14, 2012 5:32 PM


Thank you so much for opening your heart and life to Barbara's readers. Her unexepected passing has given me much pause over the last few weeks, and I have been so thankful that you have included us on the journey of these last days.

Barbara's legacy continues through you and the family and I am prayerful that God will provide for you and the Boyz as you work out the bittersweet reality of each new day.

May the Lord bless you and keep you.

Posted by: Bonnie | November 14, 2012 7:14 PM

Curtis family,
I am so sorry for your loss, such a tremendous loss, of someone so needed and so beloved. I can only imagine how difficult it must be for your four youngest sons, and how they must be processing everything. How are they fairing?

Thank you so much for sharing about the funeral and burial, Barbara's home-going, and the beautiful video. How moving to read all of those things, and yet to think the pain you must all be going through... I will pray for you all each time I think of Barbara and her family, which is many times a day.

Oh, Lord.... why? Please send your comfort and your help in each moment, each need, each sorrow...

Posted by: stacie | November 14, 2012 8:26 PM

I have been following Barbara's blog for years and years, and have read her books. I loved all her "mommy" advice! She has been an inspiration to me for years. I do hope that you will at the very least post updates on your family from time to time. I have so enjoyed watching your children grow, and especially celebrating victories regarding the boys. Thank you for sharing about her memorial service. Praying for your family.

Posted by: Melissa | November 14, 2012 9:01 PM

I was stunned to read about Barbara's passing. I did not agree with her take on a lot of things, but her energy was amazing and her collection of information extremely useful. My condolences to you and your family. I know she will be sorely missed.

Do continue to post. Your life with the "Boyz" the trajectories of your "Arrows" are interesting reading. Your experiences in continuing with your lives and getting what you need will be valuable to many in this country who are experiencing the same things that you are, lack of health insurance, loss of jobs, pursuit of services for the disabled.

Posted by: Cath Young | November 15, 2012 10:42 AM

Just a practical note--I don't know if Barbara worked enough paying jobs over the years to qualify for Social Security survivors' benefits for you and the boys under 18, but it would be worth looking into, if you haven't already.

Praying that God provides for you all one way or another....

Posted by: Peggy | November 15, 2012 10:55 AM

Thank you Tripp for keeping the site up. I hope it will help bring you some comfort. I know how much I have appreciated having such a positive, uplifting place to visit each day.

Posted by: Diane | November 15, 2012 1:03 PM


Thank you for sharing during your suffering. Von said it well....there is something very Holy about you sharing your life now. I believe all suffering is for a greater purpose as Christ showed us.

I don't want our friendship and what Barb worked hard to share-to for nothing on my end. I will ask your sweet wife to help me! She was my St. Joan of Arc.

I think of you all everyday especially the Boyz missing their Mama barb. I can't imagine their pain.

Praying for you and your finances continually.

Posted by: Eileen | November 17, 2012 12:13 PM

I don't know what to say. Even though I never met Barbara personally, she was my friend. My heart is so sore and I miss her every day. I think about your family daily and wonder how you are doing without your mama bear. It is so hard. I continue to pray for you all.
Privately Barbara helped me through one of the most challenging moments of my life. When I felt so ashamed she spoke the kindest words of comfort. I wept with relief when I read her email to me during that time. Her words truly were a balm to my aching heart. She spoke to me as one who knew what it was like to reproach oneself. No judgement, but sisterly solidarity and encouragement.
I will always be in her debt. I can only hope to 'pay it forward'.
Much love to you all,

Posted by: Clare | November 17, 2012 8:56 PM

Dear Clare,,,Barbara cared deeply about you. If there is anything I can do or pray for you and your family let me know.....Nothing is impossible with Our Father if it is His will.
My email:
Pax vobiscum,
Papa Tripp

Posted by: Barbara | November 18, 2012 1:33 AM

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