December 26, 2012 10:40 PM

Barbara's first Christmas topside...

                  One of the many Nativity scenes Barbara collected over the years....

Barbara's first Christmas in Heaven and ours first without her was a bit of a minefield as you can imagine. All of our children and grandchildren except for Sophia and her husband Josh and Timmy, a grandson,  made it over for Christmas Day.
We kept all our traditions with minor variations.  In our tradition we have always read the Nativity from the Gospel of St. Luke and sang carols before the giving of gifts. Part of God's orchestration was to have someone send me a heavensent letter two days before.
I was able to read the gospel reading, but after starting to read the "letter from Heaven" and breaking down, our eldest, Samantha took up the mantle and read it through her tears...

First Christmas in Heaven

Author: unknown
I am having my first Christmas in Heaven
A glorious, wonderful day!
I am standing with saints of all ages,
Who found Christ, the truth and the way

I am singing with the heavenly choir
I- who so loved to sing!
And, oh what celestial music
We bring to our Savior and King

I am singing the glad song of redemption,
How Jesus to Bethlehem came,
And why they called His name Jesus,
That all may be saved through His Name!

Oh, loved one, I wish you could be here!
No Christmas on earth can compare,
With all of the rapture in glory,
I witness in Heaven so fair!

You know how I always loved Christmas,
It seemed such a wonderful day,
With all of my loved ones around me,
We were so happy in every way.

Yes, now I can see why I loved it,
And, oh what a joy it will be,
When all of my loved ones are with me,
To share all the glories I see!

So, dear ones on earth, I send greetings,
Look up! Til dawning appears,
And, oh what a Christmas awaits us,
Beyond all our partings and tears!


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Good morning, Tripp. God Bless you, your sons, daughters, their spouses, and children this beautiful Christmas season. I will keep praying for all of you at St. Patrick's Cathedral-also asking St. Patrick to pray and look out for you as he always has us in multiply ways.

I miss you, Barb! Please pray for us and ask all the saints to continue to pray extra hard for us that we see God's glory stronger and clearer in the days to come. +JMJ+

Posted by: Eileen | December 27, 2012 9:55 AM

Thank you Tripp for posting this poem! So beautiful! I had tears also, thinking of so many for whom this is their first Christmas with Jesus in Heaven. (Although I would suppose that every day is like Christmas there!)
Blessings to all your family,

Posted by: Tenney Singer | December 27, 2012 2:26 PM

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