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Mommy Teach Me!

The preschool years are by far the most valuable for building character and instilling a love of learning. In Mommy, Teach Me! author Barbara Curtis (Montessori teacher and mother of twelve) reveals professional secrets to help you tune into your child's developmental needs - turning everyday life at home into a learning adventure your child will never forget.

Designed as a user-friendly curriculum, this book is packed with hands-on exercises to release your children's independence, order, concentration, self-control and other basic skills - the kind of early experiences that will give them a lifetime educational advantage.

For any parent, grandparent or teacher seeking a better understanding of children and wishing to make the most of the preschool years - including memorable introductions to math, science, geography, fine arts, and spiritual life - Mommy, Teach Me! is the place to begin.

With Barbara's warm style and practical approach, you will be encouraged to help your child reach his potential even as you grow to meet your own.

"Mommy, Teach Me! gives parents the tools to help them bring out the best in their child and the best in themselves. This book will help you discover your God-given abilities so that you can help your child better discover hers or his."
Drs. William and Martha Sears
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Mommy Teach Me to Read!

There is a growing realization that most learning takes place before kindergarten, when every child's drive to discover is strongest. But you don't have to send your kids to preschool to give them a head start.

In Mommy, Teach Me to Read! Barbara Curtis, Montessori teacher and mother of 12, shares how she duplicated her classroom experience to teach her own children to read - with an approach that fits in perfectly with the everyday life of mother and child.

But there's so much more to a reading program than mastering letters and words! In addition to easy-to-learn, fun-to-follow activities, Barbara shows how to choose the very best in children's literature to nurture a love of reading in your child.

Drawing on a wealth of experience and common sense, Barbara dispels the mystique of professionalism that surrounds teaching young children, shares insight about each child's God-given potential for learning, and helps parents discover their own potential as teachers.

"Don't invest another dollar in reading materials before you've finished reading his book," she advises. "You may be very surprised at how simple it actually is to produce an excellent and enthusiastic reader."

In a world where reading means succeeding, this book can make all the difference in your child's future!

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The Mommy Survival Guide

Sleep deprived? Overworked?
Under appreciated? Overwhelmed?

These survival tips will give you a new lease on motherhood. You'll discover the things you think matter most may not matter at all. And the things you haven't even thought about may turn out to be the most important of all. These tips will change your preconceived ideas so you can begin to enjoy the job of being Mommy.


From Day One of motherhood, you belong to someone else. So let it change you - you're going to like who you become.

Whether you're expecting your first baby or you already have several, these survival tips will help you find the balance and joy of motherhood!

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The Mommy Manual: Planting Roots that Give Your Child Wings

The Mommy Manual offers an encouraging dose of inspiration and practical know-how that will help you succeed as a mom. With Barbara's help, you'll discover ten essential keys to raising happy, confident kids.

Loaded with been-there empathy, The Mommy Manual delivers real-life stories and proven power-packed advice. Whether you have a single tot or a growing brood, you'll discover how to nourish joyfulness, graciousness, and confidence in your family - starting now!

"Barbara is the real deal. Any mother or grandmother can learn from her amazing insights and wisdom."
Aspiring Women, Total Living Network
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Lord, Please Meet Me In the Laundry Room

Is your time with the Lord sometimes elbowed out by the demands of your family? Lord, Please Meet Me in the Laundry Room will help you find spiritual significance in the everyday world of a workaday mom. You will be unburdened, enlightened, and encouraged as you manage all the tasks that make motherhood such a high calling.

"Seeking God in the journey of motherhood is what Barbara Curtis is all about. You will be challenged and inspired by her story of redemption that carried her from her abandonment as a child to radical feminism to her current life as the Christian mother of 12."
Barbara Rainey, author and wife of Dennis Rainey, mother of 6 and grandmother of 5.
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Dirty Dancing at the Prom and Other Challenges Christian Teens Face

Parents: You may know where your teenagers are, but are you aware of the challenges they're facing? High school isn't the way you remember it.

Barbara interviews Christian teens and gives you insider information on what's happening at school today - from peer pressure between classes - to locker-room conversations - to the prom. With steps you can take to help your teen:

  • Stay grounded
  • Respect boundaries
  • Avoid temptation
  • Develop Compassion
  • Stand up for what's right
  • Make the most of their mistakes
  • Live with integrity
"If you are looking for a practical, authentic guide for raising teenagers, you've found it! Barbara Curtis is a gifted communicator and seasoned mom with great advice. Read this book - it will help you love and lead your teenagers."
Dennis Rainey, President of Family Life
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Reaching the Left from the Right

How do you relate to a gay man? How do you share meaningful relationship with a feminist? Can you even speak to a Mohawk-sporting, tattoo-covered, body-pierced punk rocker? Most Christians stereotype those who look, act and believe differently than they--how can we overcome these stereotypes in order to love, nurture and share community with those around us?

In Reaching the Left from the Right: Talking about Social Issues with People Who Don't Think like You (Beacon Hill Press), Barbara teaches readers to overcome social boundaries, and reach the unreachable. Before she found Christ, Curtis hated Christianity, conservatives and traditionalists, and everything she believed they stood for. She was a feminist and "fag hag," an "acid-dropping hippie chick," alcoholic, anti-war demonstrator, and a single mom on welfare in San Francisco. She was angry and cynical, and hurting... Would you have wanted to know her?

Included in this book:
  • Practical ways to become more accepting and approachable to people different from you
  • Familiarizing yourself with popular culture and trends in order to reach others
  • Building bridges with single parent families and fatherless children in your community
  • Developing a servant's heart for reaching nonbelievers
an autographed copy from Barbara for 12.00
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